Turn midlife on it’s head with leading change coach and author Jackie Mendoza


Wave goodbye to your midlife fears

You’ve more or less achieved most of what you wanted to achieve at this stage in your life – you’re at the top of your career, you’re well respected by your bosses and peers and you’ve got the lifestyle you always wanted. So why does it feel as if something big is still missing? What’s that feeling of emptiness about? How do you deal with the growing fear that time’s running out?

Whether we admit it or not, these thoughts and feelings creep up on us at midlife. But midlife’s got a bad rap. When I turned 45, after the initial feelings of sadness, emptiness and confusion, I soon learned that midlife isn’t so much about ‘crisis’ but about giving yourself permission to redirect your energies back into those dreams and passions you’ve neglected or ignored over the years.

If you’re ready to transform yourself and turn midlife on its head, I’m here to show you how

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Jackie is amazing! Her coaching style is warm, professional and sensitive. She has helped me to recognise and release old beliefs and patterns of behaviour that are no longer helpful and see things in a new light. As a result I have found a new sense of confidence and direction in my life. I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Jackie.

Sue Anderson

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