Turn midlife on it’s head with leading change coach and author Jackie Mendoza


Perfectionist, high-achiever, high-flyer, competitive, doer of the done thing
(and sick to the teeth of it).

Midlife and beyond

• Rediscovered what’s important to me
• Rekindled old interests and passions
• Redefined the meaning of ‘success’

• Gave myself permission to live and play by my own rules
• Reinvented myself
• Found my vocation
• Transformed my life

My vocation in this next stage of my life is to help women who’re about to enter, or are in the throes of, a midlife ‘crisis.’ After all, I’ve been there, done that and quite literally turned my own midlife ‘crisis’ on its head.

My turn-around came after I trained as a Practitioner and Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) as well as a Practitioner in Applied Neuroscience. I firmly believe that we create our own reality so NLP (the study of subjective reality) is a big influence in my work as a Change Coach.

My book, Starting Again, has helped many women rediscover what’s truly important to them so they can build the confidence to start over in terms of relationships, careers or even their own businesses.

I absolutely love working with high-achieving women who are committed to their personal development and are willing to take responsibility to transform their lives.

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