Last month’s post about identifying what matters to you in different areas of your life prompted a number of responses, thoughts and questions. The key question that a lot of people were asking is: how do you apply what’s important to you in everyday life? Or put another way, how do you live your values?

Well, let’s take take the area of relationships, for example. Let’s say you’ve identified trust, honesty and respect as three key elements that are important to you when relating to others. Now consider your relationships as they are now. Which ones are working and which ones aren’t working so well? Chances are the relationships that are working are those where you share the same values of trust, honesty and respect and the ones that aren’t working don’t share those values. This doesn’t mean that the people you’re having challenges with are wrong (in fact, part of identifying our values is about taking responsibility for ourselves and not blaming others) it’s simply showing you that there may be a difference or mis-match of values.

You now have a choice: you can accept the difference in values and be OK with it, or you may choose to spend less time and energy with some people. You can try the same exercise with the other areas of your life we covered in last month’s vlog – work and your happiness and well-being.

The thing to remember is this: when there’s a mis-match of values, know that you do have a choice. You can either be OK with it or you can begin to change things so you can make sure you’re honouring your values more.






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